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Waste management for small businesses in Westminster

small business waste management

Waste management for small businesses can be challenging; we understand that you need a reliable and cost-effective service.

As a small business, you have a lot to deal with – sales, finances, staffing, utilities, health and safety, and, of course, your waste and recycling collections.  You are not alone, as Westminster is home to all kinds of small businesses that operate in many different ways and require all types of waste and recycling services. As such, it can be easy to find yourself facing a waste-related issue or discover that you have contracted a sub-standard private waste collection service. We understand that in order for small businesses to prosper you require flexibility, simplicity, low costs and reliability and that means you need a waste collection service that provides all of this. Here at Westminster City Council’s Commercial Waste Services, we can provide you with all of that 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. 

Our role is also to help you navigate the many laws and regulation regarding the disposal of waste and recycling in Westminster. We can help you reduce waste and recycle as much of it as possible in order to manage it in an environmentally responsible and lawful way. Don’t run the risk of being prosecuted for fly-tipping by using a waste operator that seems like a cheap deal but in actual fact, disposes of your waste illegally or doesn’t collect in line with regulations. As a local authority, we comply with strict waste management legislation and can give you the cast iron guarantee that the waste we collect from you is disposed of or recycled correctly.

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Key types of waste generated by small businesses include

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In which ways can we help your small business?

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As we are a local authority, we are exempt from charging VAT on commercial waste collections. This will help your cash flow in comparison to using a private operator who will be required to charge VAT

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Coffee cup recycling

Our new service is perfect for small businesses who don’t know what to do with their coffee cups. Instead of throwing it into general waste, and it ending up in a landfill, we’ve provided a service to ensure your cups are recycled as effectively as possible. Find out more!

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Collections 365 days a year

We know that some small businesses require waste disposal all year round. And so, unlike some other waste collectors, we never stop collecting waste. You will find us collecting waste 7 days a week as well as on all Bank Holidays – even Christmas Day!

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Waste audit

A waste audit gives you the opportunity to get practical advice and suggestions from one of our small business waste experts. They will come to your premises at a time that suits you and provide you with valuable information that can help you improve your waste management. Book your waste audit now.

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Ad-hoc collections

We can collect items that don’t fit in as part of your normal collections on an ad-hoc basis. Our ad-hoc services range from bulky items such as tables and chairs to electrical equipment. Learn more about our ad-hoc collections.

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Meeting UK law requirements

We can give you the advice and support you need to help your business stay within the law.

There are strict laws on waste disposal in Westminster, and it’s crucial that you have a waste operator that meets these requirements not just pays the fly-tipping fines for you.

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Talk to our small business waste management and recycling experts

Talk to our small business waste management experts, they have decades of experience in helping your business achieve an environmentally friendly waste disposal service.

Our experts can provide you with valuable insights into how you can improve your current waste management practices, or offer you advice on services that may improve what you currently have in place.

Get in touch today to see how we can help your business improve its waste management.



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8 tips for choosing a new commercial waste partner

Our guide on 8 factors to consider when choosing your new commercial waste partner covers useful information that you should be receiving from your new potential partner. The guide also includes the best ways that you can assess waste operators costs and environmental accreditations.

The main sections of the guide covers:

  • Assessing the reliability of a waste operator
  • Looking into costs and value for money
  • Avoiding lengthy contracts
  • Disposing of waste within the law
  • Analysing their range of collections – do they offer everything your small business needs?

For a greater understanding of what to expect from a good waste operator, download the guide.


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8 tips for businesses to reduce waste

food waste from restaurants

Our guide containing 8 quick waste tips that can help you reduce waste, save time, money and the environment is just what you need to improve your businesses waste management practices. If your the role in your organisation includes reducing waste generated and organising efficient and good value waste collection, we hope our guide will help.

The guide covers:

  • How you can stop waste being produced originally
  • How to find a new home for your unwanted things
  • Easy ways to cut down on food waste
  • How to properly separate your different waste types
  • Staying within the law of waste management
  • Sending all waste for recycling and zero to landfill

This guide usually results in three main actions. It helps you to reduce the amount of waste you are producing straight away. The time you spend on managing waste. Lastly, the money spent on disposing of waste.


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Our guide on sustainability for businesses

sustainable waste management

Our guide on sustainability will provide your business will valuable insight into how you can help sustain the world for future generations. Not only this, but businesses are now finding that being sustainable can also provide an edge over the competition. The guide is comprised of three different parts:

  • Part 1 identifies the key areas that should be included in a businesses sustainability plan, along with some top-level advice on how to approach them.
  • Part 2 is on sustainable waste management. In this section, we use our extensive experience in this area to provide you with expert practices on how to sustain your waste management.
  • Part 3 provides you with some actions that your business could take to improve your sustainability. There are also some resources to help you do so.
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In which areas do we provide services to small businesses?


We can provide waste management services for all small businesses within the whole of Westminster, please see our list of areas below, including maps highlighting our boundaries.

Even if you’re not based in Westminster, or have branches elsewhere, we can still help you with waste and recycling collections. For more information on our services outside of Westminster, please contact us.



Westminster Areas

Mayfair – W1J / K1S

Soho – W1D / W1F

Fitzrovia – W1T

Pimlico – SW1V

St James’ – WC2

Knightsbridge – SW7 / SW1

Belgravia – SW7 / SW1

Marylebone – NW1 / W1H

Bayswater – W2

Victoria – SW1

Covent Garden – WC2