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What happens to our rubbish and recycling in Westminster?

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What happens to our rubbish and recycling in Westminster?

The waste and recycling that we collect takes a variety of routes to their final destination. The important factor though is that everything gets put to a further use.  To show where everything goes and what it is used for, we have created a downloadable Infographic. This illustrates where all the rubbish and recycling in Westminster goes. All the end-destinations of the different waste streams we collect are shown at a glance on this interactive map.

The journey starts with the type of collection.

There are three streams determined by how the rubbish and recycling in Westminster is collected from the customer.

  1. General waste. This is the non-recyclable waste that gets placed in red bags or black bins. This goes to our Energy Recovery Facility. There it is combusted in an environmentally friendly way to order to generate electricity and heat. Any residue remaining is used for construction projects such as road laying.
  1. Mixed recycling. This is collected in blue bags and blue bins and the recyclable materials are all mixed up in the one container. In this instance, a Materials Recovery Facility is where the recycling is taken in order to separate out the different types of waste. Four separate technologies are used in order to separate each type of recycling. The individual types then are transported to manufacturers for re-manufacture.
  1. Separated Recycling. Finally, we collect recycling that has already been separated. This process involves collecting each waste type in transfer stations. From there they are taken to glass processors, paper and card mills, and (for food waste) anaerobic digestion facilities.

Assure your colleagues that the rubbish and recycling in Westminster has a use by printing out an A3 or A4 copy of the Infographic and display it near your rubbish and recycling collection areas.

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If you like the thought of all your waste and recycling being reused in a positive way, you can request a call back or request a quote from Westminster City Council’s Commercial Waste service for regular rubbish and recycling collections.