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Bulky waste

Bulky waste

Large items such as office furniture, doors, fixtures, window frames, electrical items, carpets, mattresses etc. are not collected as part of the normal waste collection service. Instead they need to be recycled through our bulky waste collection service. Westminster is able to collect all types of rubbish. A single small combustible item such as a chair, pedestal, crate, pallet, suitcase etc. can be collected via the general rubbish collection service provided a whole cardboard sticker is attached to the item or its placed in your general waste bin. Whether you are having a clear out, an office refurbishment or are refitting your business’ interior, we can help. We also offer commercial bulky waste collections to landlords and managing agents of residential properties. Examples of some of the items we collect can include:

  • furniture (desks, chairs, cupboards, etc)
  • small electrical equipment (computers, printers etc – please also see here)
  • large electrical equipment (fridges, air conditioners, heaters, servers, photocopiers etc)
  • Mattresses and beds
  • shop fittings
  • wood, carpets, metal and glass cabinets
  • bathroom fixtures
  • Please see here for fire extinguishers

Our bulky waste collections are competitively priced, picked up within eight working days and if not possible to be re-used recycled to a high environmental standard. Just contact us if you want to know more. Please note that large cardboard boxes can be collected through the regular recycling collection. Please break up and flatten the boxes to a manageable size, affix a cardboard sticker and place them out for your next scheduled recycling collection time.

Also see: construction & demolition (builders) waste

Also see: hazardous waste

If you are a Westminster resident please follow this link instead.

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Request a bulky waste collection

You can get your bulky waste collected by filling out an order form and waste transfer note and return this to us in order to book your collection. Call us on 020 7641 6180 or email us.

Construction and demolition waste

Not all items can be collected using our bulky waste service. For example like for construction and demolition waste or hazardous waste. Fill in this form to have your construction and demolition waste collected via our long term partner Veolia. You can deliver construction and demolition waste yourself to our partner Cory Environmental at both Smugglers Way and Cringle Dock waste transfer stations. For information, charges and registration you can contact them on 020 8871 3924.

Precautions when disposing of bedding and mattresses

In order to prevent the spread of vermin like bed bugs please seal any  mattresses or box springs for disposal in a large plastic bag before putting it out for your bulky waste collection. You can get these large plastic bags at department stores, home improvement stores,  moving supply centers and online retailers. Duvets and pillows can be presented for the regular general waste collection in a closed red bag or contained in a closed plastic  bag inside your general waste container.  Never dispose of bedding in your recycling bin.

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Cleaning up after Central London Events

central london events

Westminster City Council’s Commercial Waste Services team are experts in cleaning up after central London Events. This weekend it is the London Marathon. The 30-strong clean-up team will set to work after the race with a personal target of completing rubbish and recycling collections within two hours. That is about the same time as it takes the elite men to complete the course.

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Westminster’s campaign around business rates and supporting local businesses

westminster business rates supporting local business

Westminster City Council is continuing to find ways to help businesses within its geography to cope with the new business rates due to come into effect next week. As a key service provider within the Council, the Commercial Waste Team has put together a ‘question and answer’ blog on business rates.

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Top 10 ‘musts’ of commercial waste services for facilities managers

waste services for facilities managers

A commercial waste provider must have a range of skills in order to be successful at their job. Included in our brand new guide, is a top 10 ‘must haves’ of commercial waste services for facilities and estate management providers. Be sure to check that your commercial waste provider ticks all of these boxes. Download your copy.

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