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Bulky waste collections

Need a hand with an office revamp, a total interior overhaul, or just a solid clear-out? We offer affordable, hassle-free bulky waste collections to give a new life to what you no longer need.

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Why choose us?

A reliable flexible solution

Our collection crews have a 24/7 presence in Westminster, so we can tailor our collections to when you need them.

A local circular loop

Your waste is sorted and separated within 5 miles of your business, minimising the transportation of waste and further improving your sustainability performance.


Our costs are among the lowest in the UK, and you don’t pay VAT which makes us up to 20% cheaper than a private waste collector.

Affordable and hassle free bulky waste collections

We can work with you to reuse and recycle items which can't go in your standard general waste bin. Items that are still usable are given a second life via our charity partners. Broken or damaged items are separated  into metals, wood and fabrics for recycling.

Landlords, managing agents, and housing associations can also book waste collections with us.

Please remember, if you dispose of your bulky waste incorrectly this could be considered flytipping, and you could be fined.

What we can collect


Examples of bulky waste items

Large electrical

Fridges, air conditioners, washing machines etc.

Small electrical

Kettles, microwaves, lamps, TVs, coffee makers, fans etc.

IT equipment

Computers, phones, servers, cables, photocopiers, printers etc.

House materials

Doors, windows, window frames, fixtures, partitions, wood, panel board etc.

Bedroom furniture

Mattresses, beds, bedside tables etc.


Carpets, underlay, rugs etc.


Radiators, boilers, water heaters etc.


All metal items.