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Coffee cup recycling

Did you know 84% of hot drink buyers use disposable cups? These cups are very difficult to recycle as they are made from a combination of paper and plastic. With millions used every day, they're having a significant impact on the amount of waste we produce.

Our solution? Specially designed bins and regular pickups for recycling. Cups undergo a unique pulping process, separating plastic from paper fibres, which are then recycled into high quality paper products.

All hot drink cups can be recycled using our service. 

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Why choose us?

A bespoke flexible solution

We provide you with specialist bins to enable you to separate lids, cups and any excess liquids. Our crews have a 24/7 presence in Westminster, making collections when you need it.

Boost your recycling and sustainability

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by tackling this harder to recycle material.

Expert advice

Book a waste audit

Our waste management audit will allow our expert to identify the services that your business requires.

They will come to your premises at a time that suits you and provide you with valuable insight into how you can take you waste management to the next level.

If you are working towards a sustainability target, the audit is also a great way to begin measuring progress in waste management.

Book a waste audit