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Food waste recycling

Your food waste is a valuable resource. Using our food waste recycling service, you can help turn it into peat-free fertiliser, to enrich farmland growing new food, and into bio-gas to produce low carbon energy.


Why choose us?

Improve the environment and your recycling rate

Turn your food waste into low carbon energy and a fertiliser used on local farmland, as well as improve your recycling rate.

It's easy, flexible and reliable

We supply all the equipment to help you separate and store food waste conveniently and hygienically for collection. Our collection crews have a 24/7 presence in Westminster, making collections when you need it.

Stay ahead of upcoming legislation

Separating your food waste will soon be mandatory under the Simpler Recycling scheme. Our team of experts can help ensure your business complies with the new law.

Why separate food waste from your other waste?

Let us help you understand the best approach for food waste collection at your premises, and even save you money with our convenient collection service. 


What can be recycled as food waste?