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Glass recycling

Glass that is separated for collection is the ultimate recyclable material. Our convenient, tailored service ensures you can separate your glass to achieve better recycling rates, without it taking up extra space.


Why choose us?

It's easy flexible and reliable

We supply all the equipment to help you separate and store glass safely ready for collection. Our collection crews have a 24/7 presence in Westminster, making collections when you need it.


As we're a council owned service, you won't pay VAT, which improves your cash flow. It's also more cost effective to have glass collected separately rather than as mixed recycling.

Improve your recycling rate and sustainability credentials

Our source segregated glass undergoes thorough cleaning, colour sorting, and grading processes in our Alperton depot before being sent to a specialised facility in Porto where it is re-used to make glass packaging.

Increase recycling rates with a separate glass collection

Not only is it a legal must to keep glass separate, it's also a win for both the environment and your budget. Our tailored collection service ensures it won't eat into your space. Learn more about how we can support your sustainability journey on our dedicated sustainability page.

What glass items can be recycled?