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Confidential waste disposal and secure destruction

We understand the importance of keeping your information secure, whether you're a small neighbourhood business or a national chain. Our secure destruction service extends beyond paper, supporting a range of confidential and branded items including linen. towels and clothing. Let us protect your business with ISO-accredited tailored services that promise 100% security, and improve your recycling rates.


Why choose us?

Certificate of destruction

is issued for all confidential waste destroyed.

ISO accredited

up to ISO 18001 and all our staff and processes are 100% GDPR compliant.

We improve your recycling

Once paper has been securely shredded, it is recycled to make new paper.

We offer a range of secure containers

that can be placed around your workplace until the contents need to be disposed of.

In an era of escalating data breaches, safeguarding your information is paramount. Our confidential waste disposal ensures your personal records will be dealt with in a secure and accredited shredding facility. Rest easy knowing you'll receive a certificate of destruction, affirming compliance.

Examples of confidential waste 

Bank statements

Commercial contracts

Private records



Files & Data holders


Examples of secure destruction

Damaged stock

Product recall

Inferior quality products

Incorrectly labelled products

Past shelf life products

Prototypes and samples

Merchasise including uniforms, other textiles and branded goods

Non-harzardous medical products

Non-harzardous toiletries


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What types of waste can be accepted?