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Secure shredding in Westminster

With a rise in data theft, the information you hold could present a serious security risk if not safely disposed of. It’s a risk that’s not worth taking. Westminster City Council is the leading environmental solutions provider and holds the highest standards of security and system accreditation. Our confidential waste disposal can help you safely dispose of paper-based personal records in our secure, accredited confidential shredding facility. Once your documents have been shredded you will receive a certificate of destruction which states that your documents have been successfully disposed of in a compliant manner.

Secure destruction in Westminster

We also provide a safe and secure destruction service which guarantees destruction using ISO accredited facilities for a wide variety of items ranging from confidential data to out-of-date or recalled products. The secure destruction service includes 24-hour CCTV camera surveillance, which closely monitors all areas of the disposal site. If you wish, you can witness the destruction of your product, or we can make a recording for your records. A certificate of destruction will be issued for your further assurance.

secure shredding
  • Bank statements
  • Commercial contracts
  • Personal data
  • Private records
  • Documents, folders, files, data holders
  • Damaged stock
  • Product recall
  • Inferior quality products
  • Incorrectly labelled product
  • Passed shelf life product
  • Prototypes and samples
  • Merchandise including textiles and goods
  • Non hazardous medical products/toiletries
westminster commercial waste
  • Once the paper has been shredded, it’s then recycled to make new paper.
  • We offer a range of secure containers that can be placed around your workplace until the contents need to be disposed of.
  • The paper-handling facility is ISO accredited.
  • We issue a certificate of destruction for all confidential waste destroyed.
  • We are compliant with the Data Protection Act.
  • Our shredding facility, provided by our partner Veolia, is local, minimising waste miles.
westminster commercial waste

What is the process of secure destruction?

Secure destruction is the process of disposing of items such as recalled products, prototypes/samples or any other goods that need to be kept out of circulation. This is a different process to secure shredding which destroys documents.

To get started with secure destruction you first need to arrange a collection, this can be done by contacting us online or calling us on 020 7641 6180. Once your items have been collected, they are taken to Veolia’s ISO rated facilities which offer innovative destruction services to a range of businesses including:

  • Corporations, offices and service providers
  • Small and medium enterprises (SME)
  • Retailers
  • Food and drink manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Shops and supermarkets
  • Logistics & distribution facilities
  • Governmental organisations

Here, they are securely destroyed, usually by methods such as incineration. It is possible to witness the destruction in person if you wish or you can request a recording of your item being destroyed.

Wherever possible, the packaging material from the waste, including steel, aluminium, glass, cardboard wood and plastic will be reclaimed.

What is the process of secure shredding?

Secure shredding is the process of securely destroying paper-based documents such as bank statements, commercial contracts, personal data and private records. The introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means that your business must be even more careful about how you collect, store and handle personal information. Because in the wrong hands, that data could be misused in any number of ways – including identity theft and financial gain.

The first step is to arrange a collection of the documents you need to be securely shredded. This can be on an ad-hoc or a regular collection basis. Our secure collection and shredding service include a range of containers to place around the office and lockable consoles, bags and secure bins.

Once your documents are collected they are sent to Veolia’s secure shredding facilities, which are accredited to ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 for secure shredding. Much like secure destruction, you also have the option to visit our facility to witness the shredding process for yourself, so you can have full confidence that any documents will be handled in a secure and professional manner or you can request a recording of your item being destroyed.

westminster commercial waste

Learn more about waste management in Westminster

If you’re interested in recycling  but aren’t sure where to start then we have resources that can help you.


Waste and recycling posters

We have a range of posters that you can download and place around your workplace or on your bins to remind people what waste belongs where. They are the perfect way to ensure that your recycling is not being contaminated and your general waste levels are kept to a minimum.

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The ultimate guide to real recycling for businesses in Westminster

Discover how your business can improve how it recycles and manages its waste and become more environmentally sustainable with our recycling guide for Westminster businesses. 

The guide includes:

  • How to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover waste
  • Getting started with recycling 
  • Choosing Westminster City Council as your commercial waste collector
  • Disposing of waste during events
  • Recycling special materials
  • Creating and implementing a waste management plan 
  • Segregating waste and tackling contamination
  • Further support for your business 

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recycling guide


9 tips for reducing waste 

This useful guide presents 9 tips that will not only help you reduce the amount of general waste you’re creating, but it will help you save time, money and the environment.

The guide includes:

  • Stopping potential waste from being produced in the first place
  • Finding solutions for reusing some of the items you no longer need
  • Tips on how to reduce paper waste in the office
  • Separating recyclable material from general waste
  • Avoiding fines by placing bags out on the street at the wrong time or having it handled it incorrectly.
  • Sending zero waste to landfill

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Waste audit

Our waste management audit will allow our expert to identify the services that your business requires. They will come to your premises at a time that suits you and provide you with valuable insight into how you can take you waste management to the next level.

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waste audit
westminster commercial waste

Areas of operation

Whilst we only offer our services to businesses in Westminster, we can help you to find the best waste services possible if you are not in the area. This means that if you are a chain with multiple locations in London and across the country, we can still help you through our partnership with Veolia.

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