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Food Waste Collection Services

food waste disposal westminster

Why separate food waste? 

Food waste is a valuable resource. Just throwing it away is wasteful since food waste can be turned into compost and renewable energy. Some businesses such as restaurants, pubs and hotels produce large quantities of it and for nearly all these Westminster businesses it is no longer acceptable to just throw it away. Instead, they keep it separate and use Westminster’s Food Waste Service to turn it into compost and biogas.

If you’d like to do more with your business’ food waste then talk to us today about our Food Waste Collection Service. We cater for any size of business whatever its waste collection needs. Keeping food waste separate from general waste will also save you on your waste collection costs. Just ask us if you want to find out more.

Westminster City Council

You can use our food waste service to recycle the following:

  • Meat and fish leftovers including bones
  • Eggs and all dairy products
  • Vegetables and fruit including any peelings
  • Bread, cake and pastries
  • Coffee grounds and tea bags
  • Flowers and floral decorations (not plastic and textile)

Westminster’s Commercial Waste Service will collect your food waste separately and send it for composting in an anaerobic digestion facility. This is the most environmentally friendly method of treatment for this type of waste available in the UK. The facility turns food waste into biogas that can go into the gas grid and into fertiliser used on farms. It allows for a closed-loop solution; what starts on the farm gets returned to the farm.

Food waste cannot be presented in bags on the street due to Animal By-Product Regulations and as such we will look after supplying you with all the bins and liners that you might require.

food waste disposal westminster

Westminster City Council

Why should you use Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services to recycle your food waste?

Benefits of our food waste collection service

  • collects separated food waste from your premises
  • is a tailored service which works to a schedule which suits you
  • ensures all food waste is treated locally with the maximum benefit to the environment
  • uses your compostable waste to produce 100% renewable energy
  • includes all the equipment (bins and bags) you need to manage collections in a hygienic manner that is fully compliant with Animal By-Product Regulations

Closing the loop

Why not close the loop and use the compost made from Westminster’s food waste for your planters and internal landscaping? Please visit pro-grow on how to obtain this nutrient-rich soil improver made from local food waste.

Westminster City Council

Learn more about disposing of food waste in Westminster

Our short guide to collecting and disposing of food waste will give you the basic facts about our service.

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