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Why separate food waste from your other waste?

Food waste has a bigger carbon impact than plastics, so it’s essential it is minimised and whatever is left is recycled. This is difficult for many hospitality businesses such as restaurants, pubs and hotels who produce large quantities of food waste. For nearly all these Westminster businesses, it is no longer acceptable to throw food waste away in general waste. Instead, you need to keep your food waste separate and use our environmentally friendly food waste recycling service to ensure the waste is turned into compost and biogas.

It is also important that businesses outside the hospitality sector are prepared for the upcoming legislation that will make it a requirement that all businesses separate their food waste. For more information on this legislation, please click here.

If you’d like to do more with your commercial food waste then talk to us today about our food waste recycling and collection service. We cater for any size of business whatever its waste collection needs. 

Better still, keeping food waste separate from general waste will reduce your waste collection costs overall.

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  • Meat and fish leftovers including bones
  • Eggs and all dairy products
  • Vegetables and fruit including any peelings
  • Bread, cake and pastries
  • Coffee grounds and tea bags
  • Flowers and floral decorations (not plastic and textile)
westminster commercial waste
  • We ensure all food waste is treated locally with the maximum benefit to the environment
  • Our food waste recycling service includes all the equipment (bins and bags) you need to manage collections in a hygienic manner that is fully compliant with animal by-product regulations
  • We can help you stay ahead of the game by having food waste recycling collected separately since this will become compulsory for businesses under the Resources & Waste Strategy
  • We use your food waste recycling to produce 100% renewable energy and fertiliser for agriculture
  • Our collection vehicles are low emission or fully electric
  • We are based in Westminster and don’t travel long distances to collect your food recycling, minimising vehicle movement
  • Our food waste recycling service is tailored to suit you
westminster commercial waste

What kind of businesses use our food waste recycling service?

Watch this message from one of our many dedicated account managers to understand which businesses could benefit from using our food waste recycling service.

And, if you’d like to find out how Adem could help you, simply book in some time for a chat.

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How does our food waste recycling collection service work?

Step 1

Step 1
Understanding your requirements

Firstly, we need to fully understand the requirements of your food waste management. This is best done through a free, no-obligatory waste audit with one of our local food waste experts. They will come to your premises at a date and time that suits you to discuss your requirements.

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Step 2

Step 2
We provide you with everything you need

For hygiene reasons, food waste recycling has to be stored and collected in bins. Once your collection agreement is in place, we will send you all of the external kits you need to manage your food waste recycling properly. This includes bins, liners and caddies.

Step 3

Step 3
Put food waste recycling in the designated bin

Food waste is the main cause of contamination in other recycling streams. Ensure your food waste is properly segregated into your designated bin.

Step 4

Step 4
We collect your food waste recycling bin

We will come to your premises to collect your food waste recycling bin up to 3 times a day at a time that suits you. Contact us to set up a collection agreement.

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Step 5

Step 5
Your food waste recycling is processed

The food waste that we collect is sent to Biogen’s anaerobic digestion facility in Northamptonshire. This facility processes 65,000 tonnes of food waste per year generating 2.9MW of green electricity, enough to power approx 6,500 homes. Every year food waste recycling from Westminster processed here produces enough fertiliser to grow wheat for over ½ million loaves of bread. The process also allows a carbon saving of over 5,000 tonnes each year, equal to the CO2 emissions of 5 flights between London and New York City.

Watch our infographic below to see what happens to your food waste recycling

westminster commercial waste

Learn more about managing food waste in Westminster

If you’re interested in recycling your food waste but aren’t sure where to start then we have resources that can help you.


Animal by-products guide

Animal By-Products (ABP) cannot be disposed of as general commercial waste due to the imposed legal requirements that aim to keep outbreaks of diseases among livestock down.

The guide will provide you all the information you need on handling animal by-products and catering waste. Included in this guide is information on:

  • Animal by-product legislation
  • An explanation of what animal by-products waste is
  • How you can ensure food safety and hygiene
  • How to have your ABP waste collected

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animal by products


Food waste guide

Our food waste guide gives you the basic facts about our service.

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food waste westminster


Waste and recycling posters

Our waste management posters are the perfect way to provide you and your staff with all of the information you need to separate your rubbish properly. Our food waste poster is perfect for sticking up around your office or workplace.

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recycling posters


9 tips for reducing waste 

This useful guide presents 9 tips that will not only help you reduce the amount of general waste you’re creating, but it will help you save time, money and the environment.

The guide includes:

  • Stopping potential waste from being produced in the first place
  • Finding solutions for reusing some of the items you no longer need
  • Tips on how to reduce paper waste in the office
  • Separating recyclable material from general waste
  • Avoiding fines by placing bags out on the street at the wrong time or having it handled it incorrectly.
  • Sending zero waste to landfill

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reducing waste westminster


The ultimate guide to real recycling for businesses in Westminster

Discover how your business can improve how it recycles and manages its waste and become more environmentally sustainable with our recycling guide for Westminster businesses. 

The guide includes:

  • How to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover waste
  • Getting started with recycling 
  • Choosing Westminster City Council as your commercial waste collector
  • Disposing of waste during events
  • Recycling special materials
  • Creating and implementing a waste management plan 
  • Segregating waste and tackling contamination
  • Further support for your business 

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recycling guide
westminster commercial waste

Areas of operation

Whilst we only offer our services to businesses in Westminster, we can help you to find the best waste services possible if you are not in the area. This means that if you are a chain with multiple locations in London and across the country, we can still help you through our partnership with Veolia.

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