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Where we work

We help a range of clients, no matter how large or small, in Westminster. See the neighbourhoods we work in below.


Commercial recycling and waste in Westminster

Our long experience of working in Westminster provides us with in-depth knowledge about how to specifically manage waste effectively and the best practices. Not only does our location mean that we don’t have to travel far to collect your recycling and waste, since our fleet of vehicles are always in Westminster, but it also means we have a unique local knowledge. As the largest operator of commercial waste, we manage over 5 million collections each week and deliver a reliable service to all our customers.

Being a local authority, it is our obligation to collect waste in every street of Westminster, so instead of using another operator who may travel long distances in and out of Westminster, causing congestion and air pollution, you could use our local services. We even dispose of all of the waste that we collect in local facilities, minimising vehicle movement and air pollution further. For more information on how we’re tackling congestion and air pollution, download our guide.

The neighbourhoods we work in





St. James's







Covent Garden