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Cardboard box

How to dispose of cardboard boxes

All cardboard boxes are recyclable. To ensure they are collected please remove any unrecyclable contents such as polystyrene, packaging peanuts and plastic wrapping. Then flatten your boxes and bundle them together in bundles of 15 boxes with string, twine or (brown) tape and affix one of our yellow cardboard tickers  (or sometimes called ‘cardboard tape’) to each bundle of 15 boxes. These special recycling stickers can be ordered online. Then leave your bundled cardboard out for your next scheduled recycling collection. You can find your recycling collection times here. You can present as much cardboard waste for collection if you like. There are no limits to what is collected.  If you already use one of our convenient recycling bins then please flattened any cardboard boxes and  simply place them in your recycling bin. Please dispose of unrecyclable items such as polystyrene,  plastic wrapping etc. as general waste. 

If you have very large cardboard boxes, cut or flatten into a more manageable size and follow the same process as above. You can also hire a bin or cardboard baler/compactor if you have regularly have lots of cardboard to recycle.

All you need to know about paper and cardboard recycling can be found on this page.