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Ringbinders and lever arches

How to dispose of ringbinders and lever arches

Used ringbinders and lever arches can often be reused  rather than be thrown away. If you cannot reuse them internally then consider donating them to one of your local neighbourhood groups. School, churches and charity or community groups in your area might need them so please check with them before throwing ringbinders or lever arches away.  

If they can’t be re-used then please follow this advice around recycling the ones made with a cardboard cover:

  • The metals levers inside cardboard ringbinders or lever arches will cause damage to the machinery at the paper recycling mill if not removed. Please remove these metal levers first.
  • Place the cardboard of the ringbinders or lever arches into your mixed recycling bin/bag or in your segregated paper & cardboard recycling bin. 

Plastic lever arches and ones where the metal levers have not been removed should be presented as general waste in the red bags or general waste container. This waste is used as a fuel to generate low carbon energy in our energy from waste facility. Any metal left after the combustion process will have the metals magnetically extracted for recycling.