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What is a waste transfer note?

Waste transfer notes are essential legal documents.

Prior to your first waste collection, you must complete and submit a waste transfer note (WTN). This is a legal document that needs to exist between the business (waste producer) and Westminster (waste collector). The WTN is not a contract but a declaration of the type of rubbish that will be collected from your site(s), how this is contained, when it is collected and where it is taken. WTNs were introduced to provide an audit trail of how waste is dealt with and where it has been disposed.  WTNs are required to be kept for a minimum of 2 years. Failure to produce a WTN upon request can lead to a fine. Please see the example of how to correctly complete your WTN.

Only registered customers can obtain a WTN from us. You can download the WTN when you order through the online portal, or one is sent out when you order over the phone (020 76416180). We do not send out blank WTNs to unregistered businesses.