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When will my rubbish be collected?

How to find out the times for rubbish collections in your street.

Each street has an allocated collection time when bag waste is collected. Find out the pickup times scheduled for commercial waste on your street on the Westminster City Council website. These times apply to both businesses and residents regardless of which waste collector will collect it.

Where, when, and how should waste be put out?

Bags must not be placed on the footpath more than 30 minutes before the allocated pick up time otherwise you may receive a fine. Please place bags and boxes outside your own property as close to the edge of your property as possible. This will avoid unsightly large heaps of waste on the pavement. Please bear in mind that different waste types are collected by different trucks, sometimes at different times. The times at which your waste containers (bins) are emptied are stated in your service agreement. 

Rubbish (both bagged and containerised) that doesn’t comply with collection guidelines can be left behind and remains your responsibility.