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Why do I have to buy the commercial waste bags?

Commercial waste cannot be presented in black bags

Business rates do not cater for waste collection from your business and shouldn’t be viewed in the same light as council tax. Legally every business is responsible for the waste it creates and for managing this waste the right way. For most businesses, this is reasonably straightforward. The law requires you to contract with a registered waste carrier such as Westminster.

It's preferred to have your waste and recycling collected via metal or plastic bins avoiding the need to place waste on the pavement in plastic bags. Wherever this isn’t possible we sell specific commercial waste bags on a pre-paid basis.

The cost of each bag ordered pays for collecting and disposing of the waste you put in them. The more waste you produce the more needs to be paid. This ensures the polluter pays for the mess created. Simple, straightforward and fair. When businesses are not doing their bit and present waste in ordinary black bags they will be fined by Westminster’s City Inspectors. Fines also happen when you place your rubbish out at the wrong time.