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Why was my rubbish not collected?

Your rubbish can be left behind for a number of reasons.

There are rare occasions where we cannot get access to certain streets in Westminster because of an incident or road closures. There are also valid reasons why we have not been able to pick up the waste that you have presented. 

Guidelines to make sure we can collect your waste

Please check if the right materials are in the bin or bag; for example:

  • no builders waste, chemicals and hazardous waste
  • no general waste in the recycling and vice versa
  • not using black sacks if you place waste on the street
  • ensuring cardboard has a cardboard sticker attached
  • bags/ bins are not overloaded and too heavy.

You also need to ensure there is access to the waste for our crews.

You need to be aware that when waste bags are placed out in an obscured way, for example, hidden behind or on top of street furniture, or mixed in with a large pile of other bag colours, it is highly likely it won’t get collected. Please also see this link for some guidelines. 

You, as the waste producer, remain legally responsible for your rubbish until it is in the back of the collection truck. This applies regardless of whether you are on-site or not when the waste is awaiting collection. If you need further advice or help, then please contact us.