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Do you know how we turn an old milk bottle into a new one?

After you’ve splashed milk into your cereal, or sploshed milk into your tea, your old milk bottle needs to be recycled so it can be made into a new one.

That’s where the Dagenham Plastics Facility comes in. Here plastic milk bottles collected by Westminster City Council are recycled. This year we’re opening our doors and inviting you in to find out how we transform milk bottles through the recycling process!

Plastics Wonder Day

21 and 22 October 2022, from 10:00 to 15:45

Veolia Plastics Facility, 16 Choats Road, Dagenham RM9 6LF

Come along to our Wonder Day to see how we turn used milk bottles into plastic pellets using the latest innovations, and meet some of the amazing experts that work behind the scenes. Tours of the facility will be taking place throughout the day to give you an insight into how your waste is actually a valuable resource that can help us to build a sustainable future.

This year we’re expecting more visitors than ever and tour time slots are limited so will be assigned on a first come first served basis. To book your place on one of our tours of the facility, follow the link below and fill out a short form. Please note, tour restrictions apply so please read the information below to prepare for your visit:

Preparing for your visit

If you are planning to go on a tour of the Plastics Facility, you must ensure you read the following:

  • Anyone with a pacemaker can’t go on a tour due to machinery which will interfere with the pacemaker function
  • Sensible footwear must be worn or you will not be permitted on the tour (no open toe shoes, high heels, sandals or flip flops)
  • There is an age restriction for tours. Only children aged 9 and above are permitted on the tours
  • Anyone who is unable to walk unaided (i.e. needs a guide or walking stick to assist them) can’t go on a tour. A virtual tour will be available in the education area for those unable to attend.
  • For those with hearing aids, the tour includes an audio guide and hearing protection that we will test to ensure it works with your hearing device before you can go on the tour
  • Safety clothing will be provided and must be worn. This may include a hat, gloves, goggles and a high visibility vest.

Please note, there is very limited car parking available on site and none on nearby roads. As part of our sustainable travel initiative, we are proud to promote the many ways you can reach us. If you live close by please consider arriving on foot or by bike (bicycle parking is available on site).

If you are travelling by public transport please see the options below and check for travel status updates via TfL:


Dagenham Heathway on the District Line (please note, whilst this is the closest Underground station to the site, it is a 18 minute walk).

Barking or Dagenham Dock stations on the C2C line to and from Fenchurch Street

Barking Riverside on the Overground


The EL2 bus runs along Choats Manor Way and can be boarded at Barking station


If you just can’t wait till your visit, follow the Journey of a Milk Bottle below!

Follow the journey of your ordinary milk bottle as it is sorted, scrubbed and shredded into pellets that will make a new milk bottle!


So now you know the basics, do you want a more in depth look at our processes?

Learn about how we test our plastic pellets to make sure they’re up to scratch – using plastic experts and laboratories!

Do you have more questions about plastics? We’ve got a fact sheet for you!

Or read our comprehensive page on everything to do with plastics waste.

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