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Requirements for waste and recycling storage areas

Commercial Waste Services Westminster
Commercial Waste Services Westminster

Westminster City Council is dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents, businesses and to those who visit Westminster. Placing waste and recycling out for collection on the street in plastic sacks is an unnecessary burden on the public realm. As such we are actively working on ensuring all new or refurbished premises have indoor storage space for their waste and recycling.

Collecting waste in single-use plastic sacks will be phased out over time, as such it is essential all premises in Westminster end up having adequate storage space for waste and recycling containers inside the building.

Meeting planning approval for new developments and changes

When a new development, extension or other change to the building is submitted for planning approval, they will be assessed in numerous areas – one being the storage facilities for waste and recyclable materials.

This is why it is important that internal waste storage facilities are taken into consideration at the earliest possible stage in order to obtain planning permission.

Maximising recycling and sustainability

Our Municipal Waste Management Strategy sets out how the City Council will improve recycling rates over the next years.

To help achieve this goal, you should ensure that the waste storage space within your premises is sufficient enough to maximise recycling rates and encourage the reuse of unwanted goods.

If you’re keen to become a more sustainable business, download a copy of our three-part sustainability guide today.

The Westminster recycling and waste storage requirements document

We have recently produced a new version of our requirements document, which, to clarify, only applies to the City of Westminster. The document indicates methods of waste storage and the criteria by which Development Planning estimates waste production.

The document is intended as a guide only, which architects and developers can use when planning any new development, modernisation, or change of use.

To receive your copy of the document, simply click on the button below.

Download a copy

If you’re looking to improve your current waste management processes, a waste audit could help you. You can book this online at a time and date that suits you. One of our waste and recycling experts will then visit your premises and suggest some improvements that could be made.

waste audit

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