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Welcome to the most recent policy updates. We have summarised the most recent waste policy news below.


DEFRA announces an easy way for both businesses and residents to recycle.


The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has introduced Simpler Recycling to standardise recycling collections across England. By 2025, it will be mandatory to recycle glass, plastic, paper/card, and food waste.

Visit this blog for a full update on this new legislation, and how we can help your business adapt.


DEFRA introduces digital waste tracking service for comprehensive Waste Management


DEFRA announces the mandatory Digital Waste Tracking service, part of the Resources and Waste Strategy for England. This service, starting from April 2025, aims to provide a wide view of waste production, support effective waste regulation, and reduce waste crime.

This new tracking service will:


● Provide a way to fully understand what is happening to waste in Westminster and across England.

● Help support more effective regulation of waste.

● Help to move towards a circular economy by ensuring that the quality of recycled waste is checked.

● Reduced waste crime (stops some businesses from under cutting legislation)


Tracking is a crucial step towards improving waste management and preventing environmental harm caused by illegal waste activities.


‘Keep Britain Tidy’ tackles recycling misconceptions


Keep Britain Tidy releases findings highlighting that recycling is fundamentally misunderstood as a method of preventing waste, emphasising the need for effective communication. The charity plans to launch a research project to create a consumer-friendly waste hierarchy, making clear the role of recycling in waste prevention.

The goal is to educate businesses and the general public that recycling, while important, comes after reducing and reusing. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between public perception and waste prevention strategies, contributing to a more informed and sustainable society.

If your business needs help in preventing waste, please get in contact to book a Waste Audit where one of our experts will analyse your business operations and provide suggestions to reduce waste, recycle more, and be more sustainable.


DEFRA's proposed reforms for waste management regulations


DEFRA's consultation on waste carrier, broker, and dealer regulations received mixed responses, showcasing broad support for replacing terminology, consolidating registration, and displaying permit numbers.

Some concerns include potential financial burdens on small enterprises and the necessity for consistent regulations across the UK. The findings indicate the importance of modernising regulations to prevent illegal waste activities while minimising burdens on legitimate operators.


What next for businesses in Westminster?


The policy updates for October and November 2023 highlight the government's continuous dedication to enhancing the resource and waste sector. To delve deeper into these updates, you can access the complete policy document.

If you require assistance or are unsure where to take action, a good starting point is to streamline your waste management services. If you're unsure about where to begin or if you need tailored information relevant to your business, feel free to reach out to us at commercialwaste@westminster.gov.uk.

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