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Celebrating recycling success: A remarkable journey of transformation for the Berkeley hotel

Commercial Waste Services Westminster
Commercial Waste Services Westminster

Recycle Week is a time of reflection and celebration, a moment to recognise the strides made towards a sustainable future. The Berkeley Hotel is excited to share their incredible journey of transformation over the past few months. Through strategic initiatives and a dedicated team effort, they have achieved an astounding increase in their recycling rate from less than 37% to over 80% in a matter of months. Let’s delve into the steps they took with us to achieve this remarkable milestone.


From glass, cardboard, and general waste to a food waste collection


Until March 2023, the hotels’ recycling rate was less than 37%, focusing primarily on glass and cardboard. The challenge was clear, especially with 25 general waste bins collected twice each day. In April, we implemented a food waste service, consisting of six 140 litre bins collected once per day. This single step allowed them to reduce their general waste by 20% and boost their recycling rate to over 54%.


Going beyond: compositional analysis and expansion


With this encouraging progress, the Berkeley Hotel sought to further refine their recycling efforts. We aided the hotel in conducting a compositional analysis to pinpoint recyclable materials within their general waste. In July, they embarked on a new chapter by introducing mixed recycling and a textile collection. The day prior to the mixed recycling service commencement, three sessions of recycling training, educating staff on the colour coded bins and guiding them on proper disposal methods were held by one of our experts, as well as a tour of Southwark’s recycling facility. Our experts also helped them use enhanced signage throughout the hotel for clearer recycling instructions.


A big leap


The Berkeley Hotel’s recycling efforts are continuing to grow. They have reduced their general waste bins by 68%, from 25 to just 8, introduced 12 mixed recycling bins and added 7 food waste bins. As a result of these initiatives, their recycling rate has soared to over 80%, a testament to the collective determination of the Berkeley Hotel.


Six key steps to success:

  • Legislation awareness – understanding the Environment Act of 2021, which mandates food collection, was the foundation of the Berkeley Hotel’s transformation.
  • Implementation of a food waste collection – this step was pivotal in reducing their general waste and kick starting their journey towards a higher recycling rate.
  • Compositional analysis – identifying the volume of recyclable material in their general waste allowed us to make more targeted improvements.
  • Mixed recycling and textile expansion – introducing mixed recycling and textile collections expanded their recycling capabilities significantly.
  • Colour coded bins and signage  – clearer instructions and consistent colour coding made recycling seamless for the Berkeley team.
  • Staff training – providing staff with the knowledge and tools to recycle effectively was instrumental in achieving our current success.


Our journey together with the Berkeley Hotel from less than 37% to over 80% recycling rate in just three months stands as a testament to what is possible when dedication, innovation, and a care for the environment come together. As we celebrate Recycle Week, we’re proud of all the achievements all customers have worked hard for, and we’re more committed than ever to continue pushing the boundaries of sustainability. Together, we’re making a difference, one waste stream at a time.

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