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Providing hotel waste management in Mayfair – the award winning Claridge’s

Commercial Waste Services Westminster
Commercial Waste Services Westminster

Helping the award-winning Claridge’s deliver the highest levels of hotel waste management and environmental responsibility

Have you ever wondered how some of the most famous hotels in Westminster manage their waste so effectively?

At Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services, we work with Claridge’s to provide unrivalled waste management services, helping to protect the environment and ensure corporate social responsibility requirements are met. We have just finished writing a case study on this renowned hotel where we take a closer look at the challenges Claridge’s faced when it came to managing waste and how these were overcome.


Claridge’s hotel is one of London’s most prestigious 5-star accommodations. The hotel was founded in 1812 as ‘Mivart’s Hotel’, and since 1856 Claridge’s has been known for its high-class occupants such as members of royalty, celebrities, renowned politicians and heads of state. It is also frequented by many famous actors, musicians and writers. With almost 200 rooms and over 400 staff members, the Mayfair based hotel is always full of life.

What is Claridge’s approach on waste?

Leading the hotel’s  ‘back of house’ team of over 30 staff is Mark Golding. His team work closely with key personnel within the hotel, such as the Chef, purchasing department and the overall support team, to continuously improve the hotel’s services. Since Commercial Waste Services have been managing their rubbish and recycling Mark has seen many improvements.

What requirements did Claridge’s have?

  • Multiple waste collections per day due to limited storage space.
  • Disposing of diverse waste types at high-performance local waste management facilities.
  • Flexible collections due to seasonality and events when the hotel operates at full capacity.
  • Processing large amounts of food waste from catering operations.

What services do we provide?

After a full report on the challenges faced, Claridge’s and Westminster City Council agreed on a 5-year initial plan to improve the performance of waste and recycling management. The main types of waste that we now deal with from Claridge’s are:

  • General waste
  • Food waste
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Light packaging waste, such as plastics and cans
  • Glass
  • Ad-hoc waste such as furniture, electrical items and hazardous waste.

Having now worked together for 20 years, the services provided have been running very well. In the full case study, for example, we talk about the improved sorting, storage and collection process.

Benefits achieved through the partnership

  • Mark Golding, the Back of House Manager at Claridge’s cites that some of the key benefits he has seen throughout the 20-year partnership with Commercial Waste are: The reliability and flexibility of collection services
  • Claridge’s now receives two collections per day, including Sundays and Christmas Day  
  • Having a single point of contact that is proactive
  • The versatility and high level of communication provided by Commercial Waste Services staff
  • Collection staff going the extra mile
  • Advanced reporting by Commercial Waste Services that shows proof of performance meeting CSR requirements
  • High quality, low emission, presentable collection fleet of vehicles
  • Waste treated in the highest segments of the waste hierarchy at local high-performance waste treatment facilities, which limit the distance the waste travels.

The hotel has now won the Green Apple Award and WRAP’s award for waste and environmental performance. To find out more about the benefits of the Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services and the plans Claridge’s have moving forward to further improve their waste management, download the full case study.

If you’d like to look at more examples of how we provide waste management in hotels, see our growing list of case studies.

Can we help you with hotel waste management in Mayfair or the rest of Westminster?

To download a copy of the case study simply click on the image below and take a look in more detail at everything that has been achieved.


hotel waste

Alternatively, if you would like to learn more about our hotel waste disposal services in Westminster, click on the link below.

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