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How Commercial Waste Services is keeping its costs low for customers

Commercial Waste Services Westminster
Commercial Waste Services Westminster

At Commercial Waste Services (CWS), we maintain our strong commitment to supporting our customers throughout the challenging COVID-19 lockdown period – for instance, we did not charge businesses that did not need collection services due to being closed in line with strict lockdown restrictions. We know that times are tough for many Westminster businesses and CWS wants to do all it can to support them. 

Our collection contracts are flexible

Our collection contracts are based on flexibility. If you do not need collections for a certain period then we are happy to pause the service until you need them again.

On the other hand, some businesses told us that their private commercial waste collectors were still charging them 50% or more of their annual account value when they wanted to pause their commercial waste collections. CWS offers a more accommodating approach. If you do not need collections due to the pandemic we will be happy to pause them for you without charging.

No price increases

We fully appreciate that trading conditions are challenging at the moment for many businesses. To help support local businesses, CWS will not increase its collection charges this year. 

We are committed to offering the lowest collection prices in Westminster, giving you plenty of value for your money. Using our services can offer significant cost savings compared to competitors who can charge as much as £1.45 or more per bag of mixed recycling. This means a saving of 49% by using the similar product which CWS offers.

VAT free 

As a local authority service, we are exempt from having to charge VAT. This can help many businesses improve their cash flow. 

There are also no hidden charges or additional costs in your collection agreement with us. As a local authority operation, we offer transparency around our charges and will only provide you with those collection services your business actually needs. Less is more.

Other benefits of using our commercial waste service

From our growing fleet of zero-emission electric collection vehicles and offering our customers reliable 24/7 collections to using environmentally friendly local waste disposal and recycling facilities, there are many reasons to trust Commercial Waste Services for your waste management requirements. 

If you want to find out more then why not ask for a hassle-free, no-obligation meeting with us so we can explain more what we can do for your business?

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