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How to handle food waste over the festive season

Commercial Waste Services Westminster
Commercial Waste Services Westminster

Managing food waste during the festive season is easier than ever with Westminster City Council.

December festivities usually lead to larger orders – and more waste. This can be the case if you are managing a culinary or hospitality business year-round, or even if you are only looking to cater for festive events on your premises.

But there are many ways properly managing food orders and waste can benefit your business. Here are some reasons why:

  • It boosts your bottom line. Making sure you only order what you need means you are not wasting money on unnecessary food. 
  • It impresses your customers. Ordering collections from providers who recycle and reuse food demonstrates your business’ sustainability and commitment to social value
  • It aligns with the new law. The Environment Act become law in November 2021. It requires businesses to properly manage their waste.
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While it is important for all Westminster businesses to manage their food waste – especially during annual events –  it can be challenging to do so during this busy period. Here are some quick tips for managing your waste: 

  • Manage your orders and portions. Prevent over-ordering by performing regular inventory checks and planning your food offerings in advance. Check portions as well — if you notice plates coming back with food left over, it may be time to offer smaller meal sizes. 
  • Hire with sustainability in mind. If you are hiring a caterer, find one who uses locally sourced and fair-trade products. They usually also support the regional economy. 
  • Remember the cutlery. Wherever possible, try to use reusable cutlery, plates and cups.
  • Properly separate your food waste from other waste. Make sure to remove all packaging and separate any uneaten or spoiled food from the rest of your food waste.  
  • Do not throw away food which is still usable. Many Westminster charities and food banks, such as Westminster Chapel and the North Paddington Food Bank, are available to receive excess food. 

Store your food correctly to ensure lasting freshness. Additionally, look beyond the best-before date. Many items can last much longer if properly stored, refrigerated or frozen.

Need more details about how to get started managing your food waste? Take a look at our food waste guide.

While it is crucial to plan ahead and do what you can to minimise waste, we also suggest ordering a free audit to help you get a better understanding of your waste collection needs.

Get started with food waste collections today 

We are excited to help you get started with food waste collection. We offer a free waste audit which will help you get a better understanding of your current waste management, and help you plan ways to improve. 

If you already use our food waste service and have extra food waste this month, you can quickly and easily order extra collections. We are also available to collect any additional rubbish and recycling during the festive period. 

Simply call us at: 020 7641 6180, or click this link.

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