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Mixed recycling

Most businesses produce a range of materials that can be recycled. Around 60-70% of the rubbish your business produces can be recycled. However, this being Central London, space is at a premium and its sometimes not possible to keep various materials (such as cans, plastic bottles, tubs, pots and trays, paper, cardboard, glass and Tetra cartons) in separate bins.  Instead of doing the sorting of these materials yourself at work before collection, we can do it afterwards in a mechanised sorting facility (or MRF as it is called). This means you only separate those materials suitable for recycling and place them together in one bin or blue bag. This is what’s know as mixed recycling (or commingled recycling as the waste industry calls it). Please only place the right items in your mixed recycling otherwise it becomes unsuitable to be recycled. Anything that isn’t or shouldn’t be recycled has to be picked out by hand.

How mixed recycling works

In order to discover the convenience and ease of mixed recycling, all you need to do is either order the blue recycling bags which can be done  online straightaway or, if you have storage space for one,  get a recycling bin to gather your recycling in before collection.  Bins are better for managing your rubbish than bags. To get a bin just contact us to get one arranged.

Source separated recycling

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to mix your recycling.  For example when you produce larger quantities of one particular material such as paper and cardboard (retail), or glass (hospitality). Then its best to keep these materials separate for collection so they can go to recycling straightaway without passing through a sorting facility (MRF). For example, for bars and restaurants we have convenient slim line 60 liter bins which can be placed under counters etc. to collect the glass in and for shops we can supply a range of balers which compact cardboard boxes into small cubes (bales).  Source separated (you sort at the source of where waste is produced) is also the most cost effective option. In order for you to have this type of recycling just contact us so we can supply you with the appropriate equipment. To read more on low cost convenient paper and cardboard recycling please follow this link. For glass recycling please read here.

Some other types of recyclable rubbish are not suitable to be collected mixed and are always collected source separated, like  food waste, security shredding, batteries, bulky waste and electrical appliances. These need specialist handling and dedicated bins. Just drop us a line to find out how you can get these services.

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