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Start adding social value

Commercial Waste Services Westminster
Commercial Waste Services Westminster

Social value is a key part of demonstrating good business practice, and as social value grows in importance, all types of organisations take notice. Westminster City Council has been working hard on its social value programme, and we have included some of our examples, together with best practice advice, within an introductory guide. 

What is the premise of social value? 

How your business operates can have a significant impact on both the inside and the outside world. It can influence not only the products/service you provide but also the environmental and societal influence you might have. By considering the influence your business has on numerous aspects of social, economic, and environmental responsibility, you can massively impact the positive effect that you have on your employees, customers, stakeholders and local communities. 

For which sector is social value most relevant?

In recent years, both the commercial and public sectors have placed a greater emphasis on social value. As a result, proponents suggest it would be a shame not to evaluate your own effect and how a responsible business strategy could add value to your company.

What can you expect in our social value guide?

Our guide ensures that you have all the information needed to start your social value journey and to start taking action.

Our guide will explain,

    • What is social value
    • What social value looks like in action
    • What will happen if you don’t provide social value
    • Where and how you can start
    • And more…

Download your own copy now – and why not let us know what your business is doing to create social value.

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