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Waste management for offices in Westminster

Commercial Waste Services Westminster
Commercial Waste Services Westminster

Westminster’s businesses are the UK’s economic powerhouse contributing £46.14bn, or 3% of the UK’s GVA, every year which is more than the City of London. Many leading global organisations, including 29 of the Global 500 companies, have their head offices in Westminster representing pharmaceuticals, publishers, energy, mining, transport, manufacturing and many other industry sectors. Financial services also play a significant role in Westminster’s economy through investment and retail banks, hedge funds, insurance companies and other financial service providers. Westminster also hosts world-renowned media businesses and the creative companies of Soho.

With 1 in 40 English workers employed in office-based roles in Westminster means office managers have a big task dealing with the large volumes of waste created every day. The most common related questions our Commercial Waste team gets on the subject of waste management for offices are around:

  • how to store waste and present it for collection
  • how do I recycle?
  • how to arrange collections to keep operations running smoothly.

Offices across Westminster – waste management collection and storage options

waste management for offices guideTo help, Westminster City Council has produced Your guide to commercial waste: offices

The short three-page guide includes:

  • What we collect
  • Bins or Bags?
  • Your organisation’s ‘Duty of care’

The guide also covers recycling and what we do with the waste. This is to reflect the growing focus of global organisations on environmental issues. This includes how their waste should be kept to a minimum and not sent off to landfill sites.

Effective waste management for offices is always best delivered through a partnership between waste operators like us and our office-based clients. That is why the guide also includes a quick summary of the Duty of Care placed on all businesses by the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Read through this section and your organisation will be able to work with their waste collection provider to avoid unnecessary fines.

This guide is one of a series being produced for business sectors located in Westminster. There is also a guide for the Retail sector and one for the Hospitality sector. You can find them all on the relevant sector pages within our website. Click on one of the sector icons at:

Westminster City Council | Commercial Waste | Sectors

If you would like to get your copy of the offices waste guide right now, then please click on the button below.

Download our guide to hospitality waste management

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