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Out of 12 strong entries in this international fleet event, Westminster City Council, Manchester City Council and Oxford City Council were shortlisted during the Fleet Vision International Awards and Gala Dinner held at the Guildhall on April 12.

Westminster City Council won the befleet awardsst fleet management strategy award because of its aggressive sustainability and decarbonisation strategy to save lives and reduce the NHS’s burden caused by air pollution.

The judges from the international panel from the City of New York, the City of London Corporation, the Westminster Air Commission for Road Air Quality and the Director of Fleet Vision International – THE SHOW were highly impressed by the submission. 

Ann Marie Knegt, Director of Fleet Vision International – THE SHOW and Barry Sheerman MP, Chairman of the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality commented: “Westminster City Council and the Veolia Decarbonisation Project will greatly improve the health of the residents and visitors of Westminster while reducing the burden on the NHS caused by hazardous emissions from road transport. At the same time, the Council has demonstrated that it is moving to net-zero at a pace far ahead of many others. Westminster has shown that it is possible to electrify its fleet on a large scale while implementing innovative fleet management practices in one of the most challenging locations in the Country and further afield.”

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