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Which bin to use and why it is important

You have done all the right things.  You have established what waste services you need, and you know what times the collections are.  You have the correct bins or containers and the right coloured bags – so what could go wrong?

Does everyone in your organisation know which waste bin is for what kind of waste or recycling?

The best system in the world can break down if the end user is in doubt about what they should do and how to use the bins they find. Are the bins clearly labelled? We can help with that with our recycling stickers and posters. Stickers are available to all our customers and you can order them on the website. Just click on the image below to order your stickers.

westminster recycling stickers

Anyone can download and print out posters for all of the different waste and recycling types. Get one or more by clicking on the button below.

Click here to download one or more posters

Do they know the implications of not getting it right?

“It doesn’t matter, it all ends up in the same place!” is not the answer we are hoping for – and it couldn’t be further from the truth. Our ability to maximise the efficiency of recycling is very dependent on getting it right from the beginning of the process.

If, for example, there is food waste in the paper & cardboard recycling it may mean that we can not process that material at all. It is essential that the end user knows why they should use the right bins for the correct waste. Contamination is so easy to avoid at the beginning by having clearly labelled bins with the correct bags or liners. Just as important, however, is engaging and motivating colleagues to appreciate the importance of the role they play in reducing waste and improving the environment.

The commercial waste team here has lots of experience in helping organisations such as yours to be really effective in managing  waste properly.  Talk to us today about ways in which we can help you communicate the importance and benefits of getting waste disposal and recycling right from the beginning.

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