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How to manage your commercial waste over the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend

Commercial Waste Services Westminster
Commercial Waste Services Westminster

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is going to be a bank holiday weekend full of celebrations across the country to honour the Queen’s 70 years of service. Westminster is expected to be very busy during the weekend of the Jubilee since many of the events will be focussed around central London. 

On top of a host of resident street parties, Westminster will see the Queen’s Birthday Parade and Trooping the Colour, where 1,400 parading soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians will come together in the traditional Parade to mark the Queen’s official birthday. 

These events, alongside many more, will take place during a four-day UK bank holiday weekend from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June 2022. 

With the combination of closures and the high footfall expected over the weekend, some deliveries and services will not be possible. However, Commercial Waste Services has made all necessary arrangements to ensure that we continue to service the Westminster business community as normal. Consequently, all of our collections are scheduled as normal. 

If you are concerned about your waste and recycling collections over the bank holiday, Commercial Waste Services is running business as usual throughout the weekend, and it is easy to order extra collections from us if you have more waste. 

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend:

Commercial waste and recycling collections during the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend.  

As mentioned above, a number of streets will be inaccessible due to the multitude of Platinum Jubilee parties, events and foot traffic during this bank holiday. Traffic in London is also expected to be very heavy this period due to the many diversions and additional traffic flows. 

This might prove challenging, as many businesses will be a lot busier than normal, which in turn can mean that you produce a lot more waste. Road closures might also affect certain other commercial waste providers, however Westminster City Council will still have access to all streets for collections during the Platinum Jubilee. 

It will be business as usual for Westminster City Council during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend. Regardless of traffic and street closures, all of our collections are scheduled as normal and we have extra resources out to help with this. 

If your private commercial waste collector cannot gain access to your street or premises, please do not place waste out for collection. Instead, you can always ask us for help – we offer a number of services, including extra bin collections and commercial waste bags.  

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend is set to be an exciting time to celebrate across the city. While we ramp up to the bank holiday, make sure to keep on top of managing your waste to ensure your business runs smoothly. 

By having Westminster City Council look after your commercial waste, collections during busy events days will be as easy as always. Want to learn more about how to manage your business’ waste during major holidays and events? Just download our Special Events Collections guide

Reduce the amount of waste you produce. 

It is important to remember to maintain sustainable waste management during the Platinum Jubilee weekend.  

The first step is to reduce the amount of waste you create in the first place. Many products come with excessive levels of packaging and wrapping. Check with your suppliers to see if they can reduce – or even eliminate – the packaging materials which they provide you with or if the packaging is reusable. 

Additionally, make sure that you only order what you need. This may be a challenge during a busy Bank Holiday weekend, as it can be easy to overestimate the amount of goods and products you might need. 

Separate and sort your waste properly.

It is best to preempt and avoid issues rather than to rectify them later. As such, go through your internal waste management arrangements and troubleshoot any potential issues ahead of the Platinum Jubilee weekend. 

Make sure that you are properly separating your waste so we can recycle it for you. Additionally, check to ensure that you have enough commercial waste bags and order more if you’re going to have extra waste. If you need extra bin collections, please ensure that you order these from us in advance. 

Do you want a better understanding of how you are currently managing your waste, and what you can do to improve? Contact us for a free waste audit

If your private waste collector cannot gain access to your street or premises, please do not place waste out on the street. It won’t be collected, and it could have serious consequences. Contact us for help if needed.

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