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New year’s resolution: open a new business in Westminster

Commercial Waste Services Westminster
Commercial Waste Services Westminster

New year’s resolution: open a new business in Westminster

A Happy New Year to all our customers and best wishes for all that you have planned for 2022.

If part of those plans involves starting a brand new business in Westminster or moving your existing organisation to the Westminster area then we extend a warm welcome.

We recognise that waste and recycling may not be at the very top of your checklists for setting up, but it will be there somewhere. That’s why we want to offer our help, however we can. Keep reading for our top tips on getting started with commercial waste management.

1. Choose your waste collection provider

Waste should never be an issue for your organisation, and if you select the right commercial waste collector, you will never have to worry about it. They should provide you with all that you need to collect waste from your premises and they should pick it up with such regularity that storage is never an issue.

Choose a supplier who can demonstrate not only a history of reliability but a real understanding of the issues that can arise if storage and collections go wrong. For tips on how to choose the right waste collection provider, download our guide.

8 tips for choosing your waste collection partner

2. Get started with a waste audit

The next step is to better understand what is in your waste. Think about what you are regularly throwing away, where you could improve and which recycling services you need. Here at Commercial Waste Services, we offer a complimentary waste audit to help you understand all of these questions and more. 

We are happy to help you set up a well-functioning recycling system within your business. Some examples of how we helped businesses recycle better are available here.

waste audit

3. Select the right services for you

Different kinds of businesses have different waste collection and recycling requirements. This is why we have tailored our services to your unique needs. To search by sector please visit this page.

Whether commercial waste collection services are a vital part of your operation or a basic necessity, it is always good to consider your options. Please find a list of our services below:

Not only this, but we also have a range of resources that can help you improve your recycling and know what to do with your waste. For a full list, visit this page.

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4. Consider additional services

Did you know that items which are too big for your standard rubbish bag or bin need a specialist collection?

Large items which may be a struggle for regular collection are best processed through our bulky waste collection service. We will collect your item(s) from inside your premises and take them away for recycling or recovery..This is particularly useful if you are having a clear-out, an office refurbishment or are refitting your whole business’ interior. 

Our bulky waste collections are competitively priced per 15 minutes of loading time and we will beat any quotes from others. To find out how to get started, visit our bulky waste collection page.

Outside of bulky waste collections, you may also benefit from a deep cleansing service that ensures the exterior of your premises is safe, and looks smart and clean. It is especially important to order regular cleaning services due to Central London’s high volume of foot and vehicle traffic.

If you are looking to make your premises shine for the new year, Westminster offers a thorough deep cleansing service. For more information, click here.

5. Be aware of your Duty Of Care

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 places a Duty of Care on all businesses to ensure that all waste is produced, stored, transported and disposed of without harming the environment. 

We can give you the advice and support you need to help your business meet legal requirements.

The law says you must: 

  • Ensure your waste is transported by a licensed waste carrier – e.g. Westminster City Council. 
  • Pre-treat all waste to reduce its quantity and/or its environmental impact. This requires you to separate recyclable from non-recyclable waste. Westminster City Council ensures its customers automatically comply with this legal requirement. 
  • Complete an annual Waste Transfer Note (WTN) to show you have given your waste to an authorised collector. For regular collections, we can issue you an annual WTN. By law, you must keep a copy of your WTN for two years. 
  • Have adequate waste storage space which can accommodate three days’ worth of rubbish if you are a new building or are refurbishing. You can find storage planning advice online or contact us with your questions.

Download a copy of Duty of Care leaflet here.

Get started with Westminster City Council

Now that you know what you need to do to get started with commercial waste, we invite you to get in touch for a quote. We pride ourselves on providing an above and beyond service to many businesses in Westminster and are looking forward to talking to you about your needs.

As a reminder, we are a local authority which means we meet the full requirements of the environmental regulators and their in-depth audits. Not only that, but we are also completely transparent about what we do. This includes requisite documentation and risk assessments.

Finally, we are committed to processing and disposing of all the waste that we collect in an environmentally friendly way. We do this through the use of local facilities and a fleet of electric vehicles that reduce harmful emissions and help move towards a cleaner London. You can download our air quality guide here to find out more.

Get in touch now to find out how we can help you in 2022.

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