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Retailers can save money and the environment by switching to Westminster’s Commercial Waste Service

Commercial Waste Services Westminster
Commercial Waste Services Westminster

Westminster retailers can help reduce air pollution – and save money – by using Westminster City Council to collect your retail waste

retail waste westminster

Westminster contains some of the most famous shopping streets in the world including Oxford Street, Regent Street, New Bond Street, Brompton Road and Covent Garden. Millions of shoppers visit these streets each year. It is estimated that there are more than  7,000 shops in Westminster’s 22 km².

Large producers of waste need frequent rubbish and recycling collections.

Most of the waste produced by retailers consists of materials such as cardboard, plastic and paper used to package goods that arrive on site.

This waste can sometimes be produced in very large quantities which requires suitable handling, storage and frequent collections. A lot of the waste produced by retail businesses can be easily recycled provided it’s kept segregated.

Commercial Waste Services can assist with all of this; from bags, bins and compactors to collections when they are needed the most. Find out more about our retail waste disposal services.

A retailer’s choice of waste collector can reduce vehicle movements

There are a number of other waste collectors offering services to retailers. However, some of the following points may enlighten you as to why Commercial Waste Services is the most environmentally friendly choice.

Westminster City Council Other Operators
Westminster City Council’s collection trucks are large capacity low emission vehicles that collect the optimum amount of (commercial) waste before returning to local disposal facilities to discharge the waste. This avoids unnecessary roundtrips which add to congestion and air pollution. Other operators tend to have older smaller diesel-fuelled vehicles that have to travel further out of Westminster to dispose of the waste they collect.  The small capacity of these vehicles means a larger number of round trips are needed to collect a certain volume of waste. This adds to congestion and air pollution.
Due to Westminster City Council’s legal obligations as a Waste Collection Authority providing waste collections, we already have to pick up waste in every street of Westminster anyway. As such, it makes sense to collect as much waste as possible in our vehicles as they pass through the entire area. By choosing to have Commercial Waste Services collect your retail waste, you can reduce the number of waste trucks serving your street immediately. Other operators may only collect waste from the most profitable customers in a handful of streets in Westminster. This creates inefficient collections with more harmful emissions and congestion that can easily be avoided.


That’s why in other large cities like Los Angeles and New York this operating model is phased out.

The fleet of collection vehicles at Westminster City Council is much newer than many other operators’ fleets. This means fewer air emissions.



Older fleets used by other collectors usually emit more pollutants and often do not use the Best Available Technology. By looking at the first digits on a vehicle’s license plate it is easy to determine how old the vehicle is.
Westminster City Council takes the bulk of waste collected directly to local treatment and sorting facilities which avoids the need for waste transfer stations and extensive double hauling of waste.



Most commercial waste collected by others ends up at transfer stations around Central London from where bulk haulage vehicles take it to end destinations elsewhere in the UK or abroad. These bulk haulage vehicles often travel back through Central London adding to traffic congestion and air pollution.



So what can retailers do to contribute to cleaner air in their area?

Start using Westminster City Council’s business waste collection service to dispose of your retail waste. Whatever you need to dispose of; we offer the most extensive range of cost-effective services for this. Our collection trucks already pass through your street every day, so by taking advantage of this and not using another operator, you will be keeping unnecessary vehicles off the road, contributing to cleaner air and less congestion in Westminster.

Whilst keeping your business green you can save money at the same time

Businesses that use Commercial Waste Services are usually surprised at the money they can save by switching over, some have even saved nearly 50%!

So, if you want a premium service whilst keeping costs low then get a quote from us and see how you can get started.

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