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What waste goes where?

Our new infographic guide shows you how to correctly segregate and manage your rubbish

Do you ever say to yourself “I have no idea which bin this rubbish goes in”?

With our new ‘What waste goes where?’ guide, you’ll be an instant expert at sorting your rubbish the right way.

Our handy infographic is ideal for those who want to have an optimum level of waste segregation. The guide is a downloadable PDF, making it ideal to send to employees or even to print out and put up around your workplace to remind people where different types of waste go. In its electronic format, you can click on the various waste types on the infographic and that will take you to services that deal with those forms of waste.

Whichever way you use it, by sticking to this guide you will be disposing of your waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible – without causing any contamination of recyclable materials.

Why we created the guide

We created this guide so that people have a visual representation of which bin, or bag, to put their waste in. Putting your waste in the correct place allows us to recycle your materials much more effectively as there is no contamination of recyclable materials. Contamination can cause whole truckloads of recycling to be rejected since they cannot be recycled. This means it will have to be disposed of as general waste. A common reason for the contamination of recycling is the confusion around material types and appropriately labelled recycling and rubbish bins. Our ‘What waste goes where?’ infographic is colour coded so that by simply glancing over at this guide you’ll be segregating your waste like a pro.

What are the benefits of using the guide to segregate your waste

  1. The more you recycle, the more money you save. By properly segregating your rubbish into different bins and bags your costs for collections will go down as you are in need of less general waste collections.
  2. You will be saving the environment. Properly segregated recycling allows the City Council to recycle as much as possible into new materials and products.
  3. You will produce far less carbon dioxide and contribute to the important sustainability agenda. See the table below to see how much carbon you can save by recycling efficiently.  
You can use our carbon calculator to see how much CO2 your waste is currently creating, and how much you could save by using our services

Services used

Tonnes of CO2 you save when using WCC (for 10 bins per day)

No recycling (general waste collection only)

66.15 tonnes

Mixed recycling

101.19 tonnes

All recycling services

284.11 tonnes

Download the guide

Now that you’ve seen all of the benefits that this guide can provide, it’s time to start the download. Then you can really make a difference to our environment and start saving money.

what waste goes where

Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services: Posters and Bin Stickers

Please do help yourself to our downloadable posters that can be displayed at work near rubbish and recycling bins – just follow this link. You can also order stickers via this link to attach to your bins to show at ‘point-of-use’ what rubbish can be placed in each bin.