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Cut costs and carbon footprint with a holistic Sustainability Audit

Commercial Waste Services Westminster
Commercial Waste Services Westminster

With London’s waste bill in excess of £2 billion a year, we need to work together towards a circular economy and practise sustainable waste management where possible.

Looking beyond waste, the average business in the UK wastes up to 30% of the energy they purchase and consumes a massive 1,300 million cubic metres of water per year – that’s more water than Scotland’s 5th largest loch.

So, how can you manage these responsibly?

Introducing our Sustainability Audit

Commercial Waste Services is the pioneering resource company offering a comprehensive Sustainability Audit that covers waste management, energy consumption, and water usage. The audit provides a holistic view of your business' sustainability, making us the first choice in the industry. We supply a detailed report, recommended actions and a tailored roadmap to help you reduce costs, waste and carbon emissions.

Sustainable waste management

Through our waste audit, we collect data on what your business throws away to help you better understand how to manage waste and improve recycling habits.

An expert will assess not just the content of your waste and which materials can be reused or recycled, but ways you can reduce waste and your carbon impact. This could be through adjusting your purchasing and procurement practices and adopting a closed-loop approach for more sustainable waste management. We are here to help with on-site training and support at every step of the way.

We also identify collection services tailored to your recycling and waste needs. This cuts costs and identifies correct recycling streams such as food waste that can be recycled through our food waste collections. We provide all the necessary equipment in line with the new food waste regulations, so you never have to worry about compliance.

Efficient energy consumption

For the energy aspect of our Sustainability Audit, an expert will assess your energy consumption, costs and carbon performance so we can identify areas you can conserve energy.

From this, we generate energy profiles so we can get to know your site better. All of this enables us to put together a detailed report of your energy outlook and areas for improvement. To start limiting your energy consumption today, you can switch to LED bulbs, use energy star products and prioritise recycling to generate clean energy.

Sustainable water usage

With water systems increasingly under pressure, carrying out a water audit is vital. An expert will come on site to assess water supply, drainage and usage to understand how much water is being used, wasted and how we can reduce costs.

From this data, you can take control of your water and manage it more efficiently. To reduce your water usage, you can install low-flow fixtures and only use appliances when necessary - a dripping tap wastes at least 5,500 litres of water a year which is enough water to fill a paddling pool every week throughout summer.

3 audits in 1

Waste, energy and water services are key for every business.

We can manage all three areas responsibly with our Sustainability Audit for a holistic view of your business. Working together, we can kickstart your cost-effective journey towards a more sustainable future with a lower carbon footprint.

Get in touch to find out how our Sustainability Audit can help build a more efficient future for your business.

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