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Are bin robots the future of recycling solutions?

Commercial Waste Services Westminster
Commercial Waste Services Westminster

Coming soon – a revolutionary smart recycling bin

One of the biggest excuses not to recycle is “I don’t know which bin to put which item in!”. A new, almost robotic, ‘smart bin’ could ensure that everybody can recycle to the fullest extent.

Bin.E’s new invention could see an end to the time spent sorting through materials to ensure proper segregation of recyclable materials. Not only does this revolutionary recycling solution sort through your material, it also compresses it to save space. The smart bin even links with your waste collector so that they know when your bins are full.

A bin that can sort your recycling for you – the future of easy recycling

The world’s first intelligent recycling bin comes fitted with ‘eyes’ in the form of specialist cameras and sensors that recognise the material of the rubbish. Once the material has been identified, the mechanism inside passes the waste through to one of the smaller bins below the initial container. The smaller bins are broken down into 4 categories of recycling:

  1. Mixed Recycling
  2. Glass Recycling
  3. Plastic Recycling
  4. Paper Recycling

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Making the most of the space in your bin

Before the waste is separated into its correct category, Bin.E ensures that all the space in the containers will be filled. Using advanced technology, the recycling bin compresses the rubbish into a perfectly sized object which will slot into one of the below containers. This allows the bins to completely fill up before a collection. In turn, this minimises the number of collections you have, reducing disposal costs and reducing pollution from the collection vehicle.

Bin.E manages your waste for you

One of the most impressive features of Bin.E, which other recycling solutions can’t remotely compete with, is having the ability to communicate with your waste collector. When your bin is full, Bin-e informs your waste management company, fully optimising the logistics process. Based on the data, the operator can decide when to come and collect your waste. The compaction of your waste means the collection process is clean and easy.

Sorry – not quite ready for launch yet!

Before you go searching on Amazon or other popular online shopping sites, we’re afraid that this really interesting device is not yet ready for market.  For the moment, you remain the ‘smart recycler’ at home or at your place of work!  So until the robots arrive, there are lots of things we can do to help you sort your current recycling.

How can Westminster City Council’s Commercial Waste Service take recycling solutions further?

Do you have the right bins for all recycling types?

Ask the Commercial Waste Services Team to run through all the bin and bag options that we have available for recycling. We can also supply helpful posters, stickers and training programmes to help you and your colleagues know exactly what can be recycled and where each of those items goes.

Can I get a good price for recycling collections in Westminster?

When the time comes to empty your recycling bins, you’ll be able to benefit from our low prices and a reliable service. We will work with you to ensure that when your rubbish and recycling needs collecting this is done in a timely fashion.

Are there additional benefits to using our waste management services?

  • Reducing vehicle movements.

The City Council is a  Waste Collection Authority. This means that we already collect waste in all streets of Westminster regardless. One of our collection vehicles will never be far away from your business. We also operate the most modern fleet of low emission vehicles which minimises the amount of vehicle exhaust emissions when collecting rubbish and recycling. That contrasts sharply to other operators who are driving in and out of London with older vehicles, creating unnecessary journeys and increase air pollution.

  • Helping the local economy.  

Our services support the local Westminster. A quarter of our staff are Westminster residents and our apprenticeship schemes help local people into a stable and secure job. We also treat the rubbish and recycling we collect at facilities close to Westminster. This limits transport distances and provides employment for local people.  

Talk to an expert

The team at Westminster City Council Commercial Waste Services have expert knowledge in all kinds of waste and recycling. Not only can they help assist you in finding services to dispose of your waste, they are also experts in ensuring you abide by laws and provide advice and support to your business.

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Download our guide on 8 questions to ask a potential new waste partner

This guide includes useful questions for you to ask potential waste collection partners. How you go about assessing different costs and making sure you know where their waste goes.

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